1st Annual Koala in a Box Anti-Bully Festival

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1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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Spelling Bee List for Elementary Students






Abscess is a localized collection of pus in tissues of the body.
Accessible means easy to approach
Accommodate is to do a kindness or a favor to; oblige.
Accordion is a musical instrument.
Annulment is the declaration that annuls a marriage.
Appellate is of or pertaining to appeals.
Assassin is a murderer, especially in politics.
Atrium is the central room of an ancient Roman house.
Automaton is another word for a robot.
Baboon is a large monkey found in Africa or Arabia.
Balloon is an inflated bag.
Barbiturate is used to medicine as a sedative.
Barrette is a clasp used to hold a girl's hair in place.
Bassoon is a large woodwind instrument.
Bazaar is a marketplace, especially in the Middle East.
Beige is a very light brown.
Benign is having a kindly disposition.
Bizarre is markedly unusual.
Bobbin is a reel upon which yarn or thread is wound.
Bonsai is a tree that has been dwarfed, as by pruning.
Bough is a branch of a tree.
Bouillon is a clear usually seasoned broth.
Bouquet is a bunch of flowers.
Bursar is a treasurer or business officer.
Butte is an isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly.
Cache is a hiding place.
Calendar is a table of days and weeks in a year.
Camaraderie is good fellowship.
Campaign is a military operation for a specific objective.
Canvass is to solicit votes.
Carafe is a wide-mouthed bottle used to serve beverages.
Caribou is a large, North American deer.
Cataclysm is any violent upheaval.
Caterpillar is the larva of a butterfly or moth.
Cellist is a person who plays a cello.
Cemetery is a place set apart for graves or tombs.
Censor is an official who examines material to suppress all or part of it.
Census is an official enumeration of the population.
Chameleon is a lizard that can, as protection, change color.
Charisma is a personal quality that gives one power over a group of people.
Chauffeur is a person employed to drive an automobile.
Cliche is a trite, stereotyped expression.
Codeine is used as a sedative or analgesic.
Colloquy is a conversational exchange, dialogue.
Colonel is an officer in the Army or Air Force.
Conceit is an excessively favorable opinion of oneself.
Concessionaire is someone to whom a concession has been granted.
Conscious is being aware of one's own existence.
Consensus is a majority of opinion.
Consomme is a clear soup.
Cough is to expel air through the lungs harshly, often violently.
Counsel is advice.
Coyote is a smaller, wolf-like animal.
Crescent resembles a segment of a ring tapering to points at the ends.
Crochet is needlework with a needle having a hook at one end.
Croquet is a game played by knocking balls through metal wickets with a mallet.
Crouton is a small piece of fried or toasted bread.
Crypt is a subterranean chamber or vault.
Cuckoo is a common European bird.
Cursor is a movable symbol on a computer.
Cymbal is a concave plate that produces a sharp, ringing sound when struck, played in pairs.
Debris is the remains of things broken down or destroyed.
Deceive is to mislead by a false appearance or statement.
Deductible means capable of being deducted.
Defendant is a person against whom a charge is brought against in court.
Descender is the part of the letter that goes below the body.
Detached means not attached or separated.
Deuce is a card having two spots.
Dialogue is conversation with two or more people.
Dictionary is a book containing a selection of words or a language.
Diocese is a district under the jurisdiction of a bishop.
Diphtheria is an infectious disease.
Disappear is to cease to be seen.
Discernible means capable of being distinguished.
Distraught means deeply agitated.
Doubt is to be uncertain about.
Dough is flour or meal combined with water.
Drought is a period of dry weather.
Ecstasy is rapturous delight.
Eerie is uncanny, weird.
Elite is the choice or the best of anything.
Embarrass is to cause confusion and shame to.
Ensign is a flag or banner.
Entourage is a group of attendants or associates.
Entrepreneur  is a person who organizes or manages an enterprise.
Enzyme is one of various proteins.
Etiquette is conventional requirements to social behavior.
Eulogy is a speech in praise of a dead person.
Exacerbate is to make something worse.
Exchequer is a treasury.
Facade is the front of a building.
Farce is a light, humorous play.
Fatigue is weariness from exertion.
Faucet is a device to control the flow of liquid.
Feasible is capable of being done.
Feign is to represent fictitiously.
Feint is a movement made to deceive an opponent.
Fiery is containing fire or impetuous.
Fight is a battle or combat.
Finesse is extreme delicacy or skill in performance.
Finicky means difficult to please.
Flaunt means to display oneself conspicuously.
Fledgling is a young bird or an inexperienced person.
Floe is a sheet of floating ice.
Flour is the finely ground meal of grain.
Flourish means to thrive.
Flower is the blossom of a plant.
Flue is a passage for smoke in a chimney.
Foray is a quick raid.
Forbear is to refrain or abstain from.
Frappe is a milkshake made with ice cream.
Freight is goods or cargo transported for pay.
Fugue is a composition in music.
Furlough is a leave of absence granted to an enlisted person.
Galloping is running or moving quickly.
Gambol meanS to skip about, as in dancing.
Gauge is to determine the capacity of or to measure.
Geisha is a Japanese woman trained as a singer or dancer.
Gerbil is a small, burrowing rodent.
Gerund is a verb functioning as a noun.
Geyser is a hot spring that sends up jets of water and steam.
Gherkin is the immature fruit of a cucumber, used in pickling.
Ghoul is an evil demon, a grave-robber.
Giraffe is a long-necked African animal.
Glitch is a defect or malfunction in a plan or machine.
Glower is to look or stare at with anger.
Gnarl is a knotty protuberance on a tree.
Gnu or wildebeest is a stocky, ox-like antelope.
Goad is a stick with a pointed end.
Governor is the chief executive of a state.
Gorgeous means splendid or magnificent.
Gorilla is the largest of the anthropoid apes.
Gourmet is a connoisseur of fine food and drink.
Graffiti are markings on walls.
Grammar is the study of the way sentences are constructed.
Grotesque is odd or unnatural in appearance or shape.
Gruel is a light, thin, cooked cereal.
Guild is an organization of people with related interests.
Gypsum is a common mineral.
Hackney is a carriage or coach for hire.
Haggard is having a wasted appearance.
Hallow means to make holy.
Hallucinogen is a substance that produces hallucinations.
Halve is to divide into two equal parts.
Hangar is a shelter for airplanes.
Harangue is a scolding or intense verbal attack.
Harass is to disturb persistently.
Harbinger is a herald, or one who goes before.
Harlequin is a buffoon.
Hassle is a disorderly dispute.
Havoc is great destruction or devastation.
Hearken is to pay attention or listen to.
Hearth is the floor of a fireplace.
Heifer is a cow over one year old that has not produced a calf.
Height is the extent or distance upward.
Helix is a spiral.
Hemisphere is half of the terrestrial globe.
Heresy is opinion at odds with the accepted doctrine, esp church.
Hiatus is a break in the action.
Hideous is horrible or frightful.
Hindrance is an impeding or a stopping.
Hippopotamus is called the river horse, from Africa.
Hoax is something intended to deceive or defraud.
Hobnob is to associate on friendly terms.
Hodgepodge means a jumble.
Homily is a sermon, usually on a Biblical topic.
Honest is honorable on intentions and principles.
Honeycomb is a structure bees use to store honey, pollen and eggs.
Horizon is the line that forms the apparent border between earth and sky.
Horrendous is shockingly dreadful.
Humiliate is to cause a loss of pride or dignity.
Humongous means extraordinarily large.
Hurrah is an exclamation of joy.
Hustle is to proceed or work rapidly.
Hyacinth is a plant of the lily family.
Hybrid is the offspring of two different breeds or species.
Hygiene is the science that deals with preservation of health.
Hymn is a song in praise of God.
Hyperbole is obvious exaggeration.
Hyphen is a short line used to connect parts of compound word.
Hypocrisy is pretending to something that one doesn't believe.
Icon is a picture, image or other representation.
Illegible is hard to read or decipher because of poor handwriting.
Illicit is not legally permitted.
Illiteracy is a lack of ability to read and write.
Imbecile is a person having a mental age of seven or eight.
Impasse is a deadlock.
Impede is to retard in movement by means of obstacles.
Incense is a substance producing sweet odor when burned, used in religious ceremonies to enhance a mood.
Incessant means continuing without interruption.
Incite is to stir, encourage or urge on.
Incognito is to have one's identity concealed.
Indictment is a formal accusation in a criminal case.
Inertia is lack of motion, sluggishness.
Inevitable is something that can't be avoided.
Inflammable is capable of being set on fire.
Influenza is a viral, acute, sometimes epidemic disease.
Innate is existing in one from birth.
Innocence is without sin, the state of being innocent.
Inquisition is an official investigation, especially political or religious, without regard for individual rights.
Instinct is an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action.
Intercede is to act in behalf of someone in difficulty.
Intravenous means within a vein.
Invincible is incapable of being conquered or defeated.
Irritable is easily irritated or annoyed.
Island is land entirely surrounded by water.
Issue is the act of sending out or putting forth.
Italicize is to print in Italic type.
Jackknife is a large pocketknife.
Jaguar is the largest cat in the western hemisphere.
Jamb is a vertical side of a doorway.
Janitor is a person employed to keep things clean.
Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the skin or eyes.
Jealous is feeling resentment against someone because of success of advantages.
Jeer is to scoff at someone.
Jeopardy is risk to loss, harm, death or injury.
Jinx is someone supposed to bring bad luck.
Jostle is to brush against, to push or shove.
Journal is a daily record.
Judgmental is involving the use of judgment.
Judicious is discreet or prudent.
Juice is the fluid that can be extracted from something.
Junction is a place where things are joined.
Karate is a method of self-defense.
Katydid is a large, American grasshopper.
Kayak is an Eskimo canoe.
Kerosene is a mixture of hydrocarbons used as fuel, or cleaning material.
Kettle is a metal container in which to cook foods.
Khaki means dull yellowish brown.
Kidnapped means being stolen, abducted or carried off by force.
Kiln is an oven to fire pottery.
Kitchen is a room or place equipped for cooking.
Kiwi is a flightless bird of New Zealand.
Knack is a special skill or aptitude.
Knead is to work dough into a uniform mixture.
Knight is a mounted soldier in the Middle Ages.
Knowledge is acquaintance with facts, as from study or investigation.
Knuckle is a joint of the finger.
Labor is productive activity for the sake of economic gain.
Lacquer is a protective coating.
Ladle is a long-handled utensil used for dipping.
Lamb is a young sheep.
Language is a body of words common to a people.
Larceny is the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another with the intent to convert them to the taker's own use.
Laud is to praise or extol.
Laugh is to express pleasure audibly.
League is a unit of distance, usually about 3 miles.
Lectern is a stand with a slanted top, used to hold a speech or book, etc.
Lecture is a speech read or delivered before an audience.
Legible is capable of being read or deciphered with ease.
Leisure is freedom from the demands of work.
Length is the longest extent of something from end to end.
Leopard is a large, spotted cat of Asia or Africa.
Lesion is an injury; hurt; wound.
Levy is an imposing or collecting, as a tax, by force or authority.
Liaison is the contact maintained between groups to insure concerted action or cooperation.
Libelous is maliciously defamatory.
Lieutenant is a military rank.
Lightning is a brilliant electric spark discharge.
Limousine is a large, luxurious car, especially one driven by a chauffeur.
Liquor is a distilled or spiritous beverage.
Loge in a theater is the front section of the lowest balcony.
Lubricant is a substance for lessening friction.
Lucid means easily understood; completely understandable.
Luminous is radiating or reflecting light.
Lyricist is a person who writes the lyrics for a song.
Macabre is gruesome and horrifying.
Macaroni is a small tubular pasta.
Machete is a large, heavy knife used to cut underbrush or sugar cane.
Magnificent is making a splendid appearance or show.
Mahogany is a tree or a reddish-brown color.
Maim is to cripple.
Maintenance is the act of keeping things in good order.
Malaria is a disease characterized by chills or fever, caused by the bite of a mosquito.
Malice is the desire to inflict harm on someone.
Malign is to speak harmful untruths about.
Malleable is capable of being shaped by hammering or pressure.
Manacle is a shackle for the hand; handcuffs.
Mantel is a construction framing the opening of a fireplace.
Margarine is a butter-like product made from refined vegetable oils.
Marina is a boat basin offering dockage and other service for small craft.
Maroon is a dark brownish-red.
Marriage is the social institution under which a man and woman decide to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies.
Martial is inclined or disposed to war.
Martyr is a person who suffers death rather than give up religion.
Massacre is the unnecessary killing of human beings, as in a war.
Mauve is a pale bluish purple.
Mayonnaise is a thick dressing of different ingredients.
Maze is a confusing network of intercommunication paths or passages.
Meager is deficient in quantity or quality.
Mechanical is having to do with machinery.
Mediocre is of only ordinary or moderate quality.
Melancholy is a gloomy state of mind.
Memoir is a record written by a person based on personal observation.
Metaphor is a figure of speech in which a term is applied to something to which it isn't literally applicable, as in a mighty fortress is our god.
Militia is a body of citizens enrolled for military service, and called out periodically for drill.
Mirth is amusement or laughter.
Miscellaneous is of mixed character.
Mischievous is maliciously or playfully annoying.
Miscue is a mistake.
Miserable is very unhappy, uneasy or uncomfortable.
Mistletoe is a plant used in Christmas decorations.
Moccasin is a heeless shoe made entirely of soft leather.
Moderator is a person who presides over a discussion.
Modify is to alter partially, to amend.
Molasses is a thick syrup produced during the refining of sugar.
Monarch is a hereditary sovereign.
Monitor is a student appointed to assisted in the conduct of a class.
Monopoly is exclusive control of a commodity of service in a particular market.
Morale is emotional or mental condition with respect to confidence, especially in the face of hardship.
Mortgage is a conveyance of an interest in property as security for the repayment of money borrowed.
Mosquito is an insect that bites, some passing on certain diseases.
Mourn is to feel or express sorrow or grief.
Muscle is a tissue, the contraction of which produces movement.
Myriad is a very great or indefinitely great number.
Myth is a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero, without a determinable basis of fact.
Naive means unsophisticated or ingenuous.
Nasal is of or pertaining to the nose.
Nausea is sickness at the stomach, especially when loathing food.
Necessary is being essential; indispensable.
Nectar is the secretion of a plant, which attracts insects or birds that pollinate the flower.
Nephew is a son of one's brother or sister.
Nestle is to lie close and snug.
Nicotine is an alkaloid found in tobacco and valued as an insecticide.
Noble is distinguished by rank or title.
Nocturnal is of or pertaining to the night.
Novice is a person who is new to something.
Nurture is to feed and protect.
Nutritious is providing nourishment, especially to a high degree.
Obelisk is a tapering, four-sided shaft of stone, with a pyramidal top.
Obese means very fat or overweight.
Obituary is the notice of the death of a person.
Obey is to follow the directions of someone.
Oblique means slanting; sloping.
Oblivious means unaware of.
Obvious is easily understood or recognizable.
Odious is hateful or detestable.
Ogle is to look at impertinently.
Omission is the act of omitting.
Opaque is not allowing light to pass through.
Operator is a person who runs a machine, apparatus or the like.
Orator is a public speaker.
Orchestra is a group of performers on various musical instruments.
Orchid is a flower of a plant of temperate and tropical regions.
Ordinance is a decree or command.
Outweigh is to exceed in value or influence.
Pact is an agreement, covenant or compact.
Pageant is an elaborate public spectacle.
Palace is the official residence of an exalted person.
Palate is the roof of the mouth.
Pantry is a room in which food is kept.
Papaya is a large, yellow, melonlike fruit.
Paprika is a red, powdery condiment.
Paraffin is a substance used in candles or to waterproof paper.
Parallel is extending in the same direction, but never converging.
Parcel is a small package, a bundle.
Parfait is a dessert of ice cream and fruit, or ice cream and syrup.
Partial means incomplete.
Particle is a tine or very small bit.
Patience is the quality of being patient.
Patio is an area of a house used for outdoor lounging, dining, etc.
Paws are the feet of an animal having claws.
Pedal is a foot-operated lever used for various things.
Peddle is to carry things from place to place for sale.
Pedestrian is a person who goes on foot.
Peek is to look or glance quickly or furtively.
Pension is a fixed amount other than a salary paid to a person.
Perceive is to become aware of.
Perceptive is having or showing keenness of insight, understanding or intuition.
Perplex is to cause to be puzzled over what is not understood.
Personnel is a body of persons employed in an organization or place or work.
Perturb is to disturb in mind; agitate.
Petite means short or diminutive.
Phantom is an apparition or specter.
Phase is a stage in a process of change or development.
Phrase is a series of words in grammatical construction and acting as a unit in a sentence.
Piccolo is a small flute sounding an octave higher than an ordinary flute.
Pickle is a cucumber that has been preserved in brine.
Piece is a separate or limited quantity of something.
Pizza is a flat, baked pie of Italian origin, with various ingredients and toppings.
Plague is an epidemic disease that causes high morality.
Plaque is a tablet or plate of metal, intended for use as an ornament.
Plateau is a land area having a relatively level surface considerably raised above adjoining land.
Plural pertains to more than one.
Poise is composure.
Policy is a definite course of action.
Pollute is to make foul or unclear.
Populace is the common people of a nation.
Possess is to have as belonging to one; to own.
Posterior is situated behind or at the rear of.
Potency is power or authority.
Precede is to go before.
Precinct is a district marked out for governmental purposes, or police protection.
Precious is of high price or great value.
Principal is first or highest in rank or importance.
Python is a big constricting snake.
Quartz is one of the most common minerals.
Quash is to put down or suppress.
Queer is strange or odd.
Quirk is a peculiarity.
Raccoon is an animal with a mask-like stripe across the eyes.
Racquetball is a game similar to handball, but played with a racquet.
Raise is to move to a higher position.
Ramble is to wander around in an aimless manner.
Rapport is relation or connection.
Rapture is ecstatic joy or delight.
Ravine is a narrow, steep-sided valley.
Razor is an instrument used for shaving.
Reactor is an apparatus in which a nuclear chain-reaction can be obtained.
Receipt is a written acknowledgment of having received something.
Receive is to take something into one's possession.
Recess is a temporary withdrawal from work or activity.
Recite is to repeat words from memory.
Recommend is to present as worthy of confidence or acceptance.
Reduce is to bring down to a smaller amount.
Refrigerator is a container in which items are kept cool or cold.
Refugee is a person who flees his country in time of upheaval or war.
Regular is usual or normal.
Relieve is to ease or alleviate pain, distress or anxiety.
Reservoir is a place where water is collected or stored.
Resign is to give up an office or position.
Review is going over a subject.
Rhyme is a word agreeing with another word in terminal sound.
Rhythm is movement with uniform recurrence of a beat or accent.
Ritual is a prescribed or established procedure.
Routine is a customary or usual procedure.
Rumor is a story without confirmation or certainty as to facts.
Scene is the place where some action or event occurs.
Scent is a distinctive color.
Schedule is a plan of procedure.
Scheme is an underhand plot, intrigue.
Scholar is a learned person.
Science is a branch of knowledge or study.
Scissors is a cutting instrument.
Seize is to take hold of forcibly.
Shear is to cut something.
Sheer is transparently thin.
Shepherd is a person who tends or guards sheep.
Sheriff is the law-enforcement officer of a county.
Shield is a piece of armor worn on the arm of defensive purposes.
Siege is the act of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from aid or supplies.
Sigh is to let out one's breath audibly.
Sight is the power or faculty of seeing.
Sign is a token or indication.
Sincere is free of deceit or falseness.
Site is the position or location of something.
Soccer is football as it is played around the world.
Source is anything from which something comes or arises.
Souvenir is a usually inexpensive reminder of a place visited.
Spaghetti is a white, starchy pasta of Italian origin.
Stationary means standing still, not moving.
Stature is the height of a human or animal body.
Straight is without a bend or angle, not curved.
Strength is the quality or state of being strong.
Successor is a person or thing that succeeds or follows.
Suede is kid or other leather finished with a soft, nappy surface.
Superintendent is a person who oversees or directs some work.
Supervisor is a person who supervises the work done by others.
Sword is a weapon consisting of a blade and a hilt.
Tablespoonful is the amount a tablespoon can hold.
Tabloid is a newspaper whose pages are about half the size of a standard-sized newspaper.
Tackle is equipment, apparatus or gear, especially for fishing.
Tailor is a person who makes, mends or alters clothing.
Tale is a narrative that relates details or some event or incident.
Talk is to communicate by speaking.
Tantrum is a violent demonstration of rage.
Tardy means late.
Tattle is to let out secrets.
Tattoo is an indelible marking on the skin.
Tease is to irritate or provoke.
Teethe means to grow or cut teeth.
Telescope is an instrument to make distant objects appear larger.
Tension is the act of stretching or straining.
Terrace is a raised level with a vertical or sloping front or sides.
Thaw is to pass from a frozen to a liquid state.
Theme is a subject of discourse or discussion.
Thief is a person who steals.
Tight is firmly or closely fixed in place.
Tissue IS as in tissue paper.
Toad is an amphibian, a close relative of the frog.
Toast is sliced bread that has been browned by heat.
Toboggan is a long, narrow, flat-bottomed sled.
Tombstone is a marker on a tomb or grave.
Tough means strong and durable.
Trample is tod or stamp heavily.
Tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle for children.
Typewriter is a machine to produce letters and characters on paper.
Ukulele is a small, guitar-like instrument.
Unanswerable is not capable of being answered.
Unconscious means without awareness or cognition.
Vacuum is a space entirely devoid of matter.
Vanilla IS as in the flavor.
Villain is a cruelly malicious person.
Warranty is assurance.
Weigh is to determine the force of gravity on an object by using a scale.
Weird is unearthly or uncanny.
Wield is to exercise power or authority.
Yacht is a private cruising vessel.
Yolk is the yellow substance of an egg.



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