The mission of Lil Koala is to provide quality educational audio visual programs and opportunities for children, youth, and their families. By serving as an educational, entertaining, audio visual curriculum, Koala in a Box transcends economic boundaries thereby readily aiding in early child care development. By engaging in the world of Koala in a Box, children are enthralled with the powder blue security buddy and learning becomes fun as well as a welcomed task. Hence in effective ways, preschoolers achieve measurable intellectual growth thereby reaching their full potential prior to enrolling in conventional brick and mortar schools, regardless of the social or economic station of their parents. Addressing issues such as bullying, special needs, animal rights and physical fitness; Lil Koala  is not only a mascot for literacy and liberal arts, he exemplifies that children learn best through playing. By offering exceptional educational value while addressing positive measures of dealing with negative feelings and emotions, Eucalyptus inadvertently instills core values and mannerism.

We take a holistic approach to your child's development. Our philosophy is to encourage early learning and to promote the children's overall well-being. Our teachers come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, but they all share in common a devotion to today's youth health and development.