Lil Koala Dream Room Party

                                                                                    Interactive Educational Series



The entertainment of Koala in a Box, known to put a smile on the the most stoic of faces, Eucalyptus knows how to party. Like any childhood friend, Lil Koala reminds you of the days of innocence, when being a child was everything and having a friend was more important than having a name. A relief from reality, a foyer into fantasy, Lil Koala Dream Room Party is a party of all children's parties.


A two episode series, informative as it is entertaining, watch how children swiftly learn their alphabets, colors, instruments, and much more; all while adopting better conduct and character.                            



1st Episode:  Learn ABCs, Colors, Sign Language, and Musical Instruments.


2nd Episode: Learn Exercise, Painting, Why not to play with fire. 

2 Episode Educational Series
15.00 USD
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Pure family entertainment! Watch your child learn their ABCs in 48 hours!